Financing Resources


Missouri S&T's Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development (TTED) has selected EquityNet as its platform to help local entrepreneurs raise capital. EquityNet is a patented crowdfunding platform. It provides access to more than 20,000 individual investors and has helped entrepreneurs across North America raise over $207 million in capital since it was launched in 2005. The platform is flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of business types from high tech ventures to local retailers. It functions as a matchmaker that connects entrepreneurs with interested investors. However, the actual deals are consummated offline.

Individuals and businesses that want to use EquityNet normally have to pay a fee which can be as much as $828 per year. However, qualified clients of the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) operated by TTED will be able to access the EquityNet platform for free the first year. They will also receive ongoing business counseling from TTED. Those interested in learning more about the service should contact TTED by email at

Enterprise Investment Program

The University of Missouri System's Enterprise Investment Program helps Missouri-based start-up and early-stage companies working to commercialize intellectual property developed at the University. The intent of this program is to assist in the commercialization effort of University developed intellectual property in order to create jobs and generate lasting economic benefits to the State of Missouri. This competitive program provides a maximum investment of up to $500,000 for qualified companies. For more information, click here.

Angel Investment

Angel Capital Association
The Angel Capital Association is a professional alliance of angel groups in North America. It brings together many of the 330 angel organizations in the United States and Canada to share best practices, network, and help develop data about the field of angel investing.

Centennial Investors - Columbia, Missouri
Centennial Investors is an angel investor network based in Columbia, Missouri that provides early stage capital to new ventures in the region.

Mid-America Angels - Lenexa, Kansas
Mid-America Angels ("MAA") is a regional network of angel investors dedicated to identifying and funding the most promising start-up business opportunities in the Kansas-Missouri region.  It's two primary objectives are presenting high return on investment funding opportunities to its members and facilitating access to early-stage financing for high-potential businesses and entrepreneurs.

Ozark Angel Investors - Rolla, Missouri
The primary focus of the Ozark Angel Investors is investment opportunities in the State of Missouri. The organization gives preference to investment opportunities in the South Central Missouri region. The primary goal of the Ozark Angel Investors is helping its members create angel investment portfolios that generate average annual returns of at least 25 percent. The secondary goal of the organization is generating economic activity and growing the economy of Phelps County by facilitating entrepreneurial activity. A tertiary goal of the organization is growing the economy of the State of Missouri by facilitating entrepreneurial activity. Ozark Angel Investors pursues high risk, high potential seed and early-stage business ventures in the areas of information technology, advanced materials, and applied engineering. Businesses that are commercializing technology held by Missouri S&T are of particular interest.

Saint Louis Arch Angels - Saint Louis, Missouri
The mission of the Saint Louis Arch Angels is to provide opportunities for its members to obtain outstanding financial returns by investing in early-stage companies with high growth potential in the Saint Louis, Missouri region and accelerating them to market leadership. The Saint Louis Arch Angels are a part of the region’s seed to later stage equity capital continuum. The organization targets an investment range that is generally under-served by institutional venture capital firms.