Commercialization Portfolio



Amber Precision Instruments, Inc.

Amber Precision Instruments, Inc. manufactures tools for evaluating electromagnetic capability (EMC) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) at the integrated circuit (IC), module, and system level.


Emergence BioScreening, LLC

Emergence BioScreening , LLC was formed through collaboration with The Incubation Factory, LLC in Saint Louis, Missouri.  The company is commercializing e arly stage non-invasive cancer detection technology developed by Missouri S&T researchers .

Microwave & Millimeter Wave Technologies, LLC

Microwave & Millimeter Wave Technologies, LLC (commonly referred to as M2Wave Technologies) develops and markets microwave and millimeter wave inspections systems used for nondestructive testing (NDT), imaging, and measurement instrumentation. The company also provides consulting services in these areas.

  MO-SCI Corporation

A world leader in precision glass technology, MO-SCI Corporation has long partnered with Missouri S&T to commercialize innovative technologies. MO-SCI Corporation products that incorporate Missouri S&T technology include RadSPHERES used in the radiation treatment of malignant tumors and DermaFuse, an innovative product currently in development that treats difficult to heal wounds particularly in diabetic and elderly patients.

Pro Perma

Pro Perma Engineered Coatings, LLC

Pro Perma Engineered Coatings, LLC licensed Missouri S&T technology for a glass-based coating for reinforcement bars. The coating helps prevent corrosion and strengthens the bond between steel and concrete.

Stoecker &

Stoecker & Associates, LLC

Stoecker & Associates, LLC is commercializing Missouri S&T technology that makes d etection of malignant melanoma ( the most serious type of skin cancer) faster and easier. Melanoma can be cured if it is diagnosed early enough.