2014 Entrepreneurial Internship and Cooperative Education Program Participants

Below are the applicants selected for the 2014 Entrepreneurial Internship and Cooperative Education Program (EICP).

Student(s): Jacob Armenta, Christopher Seto
Business Concept: Develop an improved rescue system for multi-copter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used for aerial photography to help UAV hobbyists avoid catastrophic damage to their UAVs  during a crash or flight accident.

Student(s): Laxmikanth Dorai
Business Concept: Develop a consumer electronics product that will do for digital art and photography what the iPod and iTunes Store did for digital music to improve how art lovers buy and display artwork.

Student(s): Nicholas Rollins
Business Concept: Develop a smartphone app for mobile-based consumer-to-consumer (C2C)  eCommerce with better user experience and greater functionality than Craig’s List and eBay to allow consumers to more easily purchase local specialty and used items.

Student(s): Connor Wolk
Business Concept: Produce custom-designed multi-layered cases for smartphones targeted at the vanity and promotional products markets to improve how consumers protect their smartphones and how corporate marketing managers promote their companies.