Student Business Incubator Program

Former Program Participants


Founder(s): Jacob Armenta, Christopher Seto
Accepted Into Program: April 2014
Exited Program: December 2014 (graduated from Missouri S&T; sold venture to partners)

ProtoQ (formerly Controlled Concepts)
Originally launched to develop an improved rescue system for multi-copter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used by hobbyists for aerial photography, ProtoQ broadened its focus to include developing components and accessories for UAV hobbyists as well as providing design and consulting services to the UAV hobbyist industry. Its product offering included a harness connection board for first person video (FPV) assemblies and an automated deployment mechanism for UAV rescue systems.

Participant(s): James Brizendine and Ghana Shyam Paudel*
Accepted Into Program: May 2015
Exited Program: December 2016

Investigated opportunities to use a process developed by Missouri S&T faculty to improve how refineries produce biodiesel.

Participant(s): Laxmikanth Dorai
Accepted Into Program: September 2013
Exited Program: June 2015

Canvas Electronic
Canvas Electronic was focused on developing a digital picture frame with greatly improved functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Participant(s): Robert Dunn, Nicholas Trampe
Accepted Into Program: January 2013
Exited Program: December 2015 (graduated from Missouri S&T)

Off Kilter Studios, LLC
Off Kilter Studios, LLC provided mobile application development services on various operating systems such as iOS and Android. It also provided 2D and 3D graphic art, audio effects, and user interface design services.

Participant(s): Chris Eitutis and Quan Gip
Accepted Into Program: November 2014
Exited Program: May 2015 (ceased operations)

Sought to use location-based services and communication methods to help elderly and young adults monitor their health and safety.

Participant(s): Gauthum Hullikunte
Accepted Into Program: May 2015
Exited Program: December 2016 (graduated from Missouri S&T)

Explored opportunities to develop a web-based platform to improve how software designers and software architects select programming languages and frameworks to build software applications.

Participant(s): Joshua Jetter
Accepted Into Program: January 2013
Exited Program: September 2014 (closed venture)

Bayridge Software
Bayridge Software was founded to develop a smartphone app that would allow guests at venues such as stadiums, restaurants, and bars to order food, drinks, or concessions through their mobile phones.

Participant(s):  Joshua Jetter, Ian Lee
Accepted Into Program: September 2014
Exited Program: December 2015 (graduated from Missouri S&T)

Intercept Research
Intercept Research was launched to provide research support services to university professors and research institutions.

Participant(s): Erik O'Riley
Accepted Into Program: June 2015
Exited Program: May 2016 (graduated from Missouri S&T)

Original Solutions
Established to provide consulting services in the area of robotics, automation, and additive manufacturing.

Participant(s): Michael Orlando
Accepted Into Program: January 2010
Exited Program: June 2012 (as a going concern)

Interdisciplinary Design Collaborative, LLC d/b/a Lumate
Initially, the business model of Interdisciplinary Design Collaborative, LLC (IDC Projects) was to leverage the under-utilized skills of students on a royalty-sharing basis to pursue moderately complex projects using student labor in a just-in-time, as-needed manner. The company eventually evolved into smartphone app development. Now operating under the brand name Lumate, the company currently focuses on developing a demand-side platform (DSP) for location-based mobile advertising.

Participant(s): Aaron Scott Thornton
Accepted Into Program: October 2012
Exited Program: May 2014 (graduated with M.S. in Mechanical Engineering)

Teneca AM
Teneca AM was established to develop a business model to leverage opportunities for additive manufacturing technology. Commonly referred to as "3D printing," additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital model. It is used in a variety of industries.

Participant(s): Connor Wolk, Taylor Jay (University of Kansas)
Accepted Into Program: July 2013
Exited Program: September 2015 (closed venture)

Dual Cases, LLC
Dual Cases was founded to develop and sell customizable, patent-pending multi-layered cases for smartphones targeted at the vanity market and promotional products markets.

Participant(s): Justin Zimmerman
Accepted Into Program: September 2014
Exited Program: May 2015

Zimmerman Technology
Zimmerman Technology's goal was to produce quality products and services for the technology industry by addressing current problems in the 3D printing market such as print speeds, color changing, product finishes, and print head freedom.  It planned to offer quality industry leading solutions while providing the consumer market with highly customized accessories.