Student Business Incubator Program

The Student Business Incubator Program (SBIP), operated by the Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development (TTED) at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), is intended to provide resources and services to new student business ventures at Missouri S&T. Only student businesses are eligible to become participants of the Student Business Incubator program. A student business is defined as a for-profit business that is 51 percent owned by full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate students at Missouri S&T and in which the majority of employees of the business are full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate students at Missouri S&T. Student businesses are admitted as participants of the Student Business Incubator program at TTED’s sole and absolute discretion.

Participants in the Student Business Incubator program agree to abide by all policies and procedures of the program. Participants will remain in the Student Business Incubator program for a finite period of time. A typical participant is expected to matriculate from the program within a three-year period. Requests for additional periods in the Student Business Incubator program may be granted on rare occasions with advanced notice and compelling justification.

Participants in the Student Business Incubator program may also be given preference in the Missouri S&T Entrepreneurial Internship and Co-Op Program. This program is designed to encourage Missouri S&T students to consider and explore entrepreneurship as a career option. Entrepreneurial internships or co-ops last approximately three (3) to four (4) months. Missouri S&T’s Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development (TTED) hires students as interns or co-ops at competitive salaries to develop and pursue a concept for an entrepreneurial venture that the students identify.

To apply to the Student Business Incubator program, please download and review the Policies and Procedures then complete and submit the application form. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at


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Current Program Participants

Participant(s): Bhanu Prashant Reddy Baddipadiga
Accepted Into Program: August 2015

Exploring opportunities to use plug-n-play high-gain DC-DC converter technology developed by Missouri S&T faculty and researchers to improve how solar panel manufacturers integrate solar energy into electrical distribution systems.

Participant(s): Samuel Hardy and Eddie Hudson IV
Accepted Into Program: October 2014

Victory Pieces, LLC
Developing a service to enable shoppers to receive same-day delivery of online purchases from local retailers and help local retail store owners compete with Amazon and other large national eCommerce retailers.

Participant(s): George Holmes
Accepted Into Program: August 2015

Examining the potential to use autonomous technology to improve how large municipalities, large commercial organizations, and private property owners maintain greenspaces.

Participant(s): Seth Kitchen, Matt Insall*
Accepted Into Program: February 2016

VirtuSchools, LLC
Developing educational software deployable to desktop, web, and virtual reality headsets that uses virtual classroom environments, artificial intelligence, and formal concept analysis to give students more personalized feedback.


Participant(s): Chris Lenahan, Jonathan Bopp
Accpeted Into Program: November 2016

Y Robotics
Designing and creating commercial and personal assistive devices to help individuals overcome the challenges of performing everyday tasks.

Participant(s): Max Mulholland, Connor Coward
Accepted Into Program: April 2014

ProtoQ (formerly Controlled Concepts); Powder Motion Labs, LLC
Originally launched to develop an improved rescue system for multi-copter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used by hobbyists for aerial photography, ProtoQ has since pivoted to develop additive manufacturing systems.

Participant(s): Chris Pitre, Austin McGaugh
Accepted Into Program: September 2016

Developing assets to help independent game developers work more productively as well as creating complete games to sell to consumers.

Participant(s): Nicholas Rollins
Accepted Into Program: April 2014

Developing a smartphone app for mobile-based consumer-to-consumer (C2C) electronic commerce that provides a better user experience and greater functionality than Craig’s List, eBay, and other competitive products.

Participant(s): Steve Swiney, Jake Tullock
Accepted Into Program: November 2016

Provide a service to install passive RFID technology systems to allow mining supervisors to monitor the whereabouts of people and company assets on a job site.

Participant(s): Zachary Woolsey
Accepted Into Program: October 2016

Monarch Solutions, LLC
Provide grant writing services to managers and researchers at hospitals and other institutions to help them secure funding for their operations.