Technology Transfer Office

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is a unit of the Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development. It administers and coordinates the technology transfer process at Missouri S&T.

;For more information about Missouri S&T technologies or commercialization assistance programs, please contact Keith Strassner by phone at (573) 341-6725 or by email at

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Technology Acceleration Program

Missouri S&T faculty researchers strive to create new and exciting innovations that will advance the state of the art in their respective fields and spark the interest of potential licensees. Working with the inventors, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) within the Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development (TTED) endeavors to attract or create businesses to build the technology into a “market ready” product or service (i.e., technology commercialization). However, there is sometimes a gap between the university research and the needs of the market which creates a risk for the potential commercialization partner. It is often the case that industry requires a working prototype, test results, or the refinement of research in some aspect of the technology before it is willing to pursue the commercialization of an innovation.

Missouri S&T's Technology Acceleration Program (TAP) provides translational research funding up to $20,000 per proposal to support new technology development by Missouri S&T researchers. The amount of funds required is a factor in determining which research projects to fund. Applicants are encouraged to submit the lowest cost proposal to complete the work. Previous funding for a commercialization effort, such as the University of Missouri System Fast Track Initiative awards, will also be taken into account. The funds are not to be used for basic research, but to advance the commercial potential of existing research. The purpose of this funding is to allow recipients to focus on development, testing, and prototype construction.

Technology Acceleration Program Award Winners

2014 Award Winners

Project Title: High Toughness Ceramics for Applications in Cutting and Drilling Tools
Principal Investigators: Drs. Gregory Hilmas and William Fahrenholtz

Project Title: Development of 3D Real-Time Millimeter-Wave Imaging System
Principal Investigators: Drs. Mohammad Tayeb Ghasr and Reza Zoughi


2013 Award Winners

Project Title: Developing Software for Assessing Adolescent Depression from Interent Usage
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sriram Chellappan

Project Title: Prototype Construction of a P-scan Instrument for Early Cancer Diagnosis
Principal Investigator: Dr. Yinfa Ma

Project Title: Implementation and Characterization of an Optical Carrier Based Microwave Interferometric Sensing System for Precommercialization and Customer Demonstration
Principal Investigator: Dr. Hai Xiao


2012 Award Winners

Project Title: System Integration of a 3D Imaging Probe with a Free-Hand Scanning Platform
Principal Investigator: Dr. Reza Zoughi
Award Amount: $20,000

Project Title: Bioactive Borate Glasses for Repairing Damaged Nerves
Principal Investigator: Dr. Delbert Day
Award Amount: $9,560


2011 Award Winners

Project Title: Electromagnetic Noise-Suppressing Composite Absorbing Material
Principal Investigator: Dr. Marina Koledintseva
Award Amount: $25,000

Project Title: Development and Test of a Prototype CCBG Integrator
Principal Investigators: Drs. Jun Fan and Hai Xiao
Award Amount: $20,000

Project Title: Proof of Recrystallization of Ti Alloys Using Laser Deposition
Principal Investigator: Dr. Joseph Newkirk
Award Amount: $18,353


2010 Award Winners

Project Title: Estimating the Bounds of Key Parameters in Smart Rock Technology for Bridge Scour Monitoring and Mitigation
Principal Investigators: Drs. Genda Chen and David Pommerenke
Award Amount: $15,000

Project Title: Prototype Development for Thermosyphon-based Water Heating Systems
Principal Investigator: Dr. Kelley Homon
Award Amount: $24,710

Project Title: Bioactive Glass for Scaffolds for Mammalian Tissue Regeneration
Principal Investigators: Drs. Delbert Day and Steven Jung
Award Amount: $5,160

UM FastTrack

The UM Office of Research and Economic Development will provide funding up to $50,000 per proposal to support prospects from each of the UM campuses.

Missouri S&T Innovation Team

Missouri S&T will award funding to innovative individuals, departments, or divisions meeting the criteria of innovation and creativity impacting our faculty, staff, and students.