Multifunctional Porous Aramids (Aerogels) and Fabrication Thereof

Technology Case 15MST003

Technology Overview

This invention provides a series of new and improved porous polyamide aerogels derived from multifunctional aromatics that combine the high mechanical strength of aramids with the pore structure of aerogels. The polyamide aerogels have a hyper branched structure, relatively low density, high porosity and may be derived from functionalized monomers having more aromatic groups than functional groups. Invention also includes application of catalytic pyrolysis- method for developing and optimizing fabrication of carbon encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles with graphite structure. The pyrolysis of ferrocene based aerogel gives carbon encapsulated magnetic iron nanoparticles with homogeneous distribution of carbon encapsulated iron nanoparticle throughout the aerogel while maintaining the porous structure, hence ending up in aerogel with magnetic as well as catalytic properties.

Applications of Aerogel

Technology Benefits

  • High temperature stability
  • Capable of homogeneous distribution of iron metal with in the 3D network of an aerogel
  • Good char yield, can be pyrolyzed to make metal doped carbon
  • Isocyanate- Economic and efficient process

Potential Applications

  • Catalyst support
  • Magnetic memory devices
  • Can be used as electrochemical mediators
  • Can serve as a redox mediator to transfer electrons between the electrode and a redox enzyme
Keith David Strassner


Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development