Technology Case Abstracts

96UMR011 Biodegradable Glass Microspheres

97UMR049 Cerium Conversion Coatings For Use In Corrosion Protection Of Aluminum Alloys

98UMR016 New Additives In Water-Borne Coatings

98UMR044 Highly Plasma Etch-Resistant Photoresist Composition Containing A Photosensitive Polymeric Titania Precursor

98UMR054 Porous/Hollow Shells From Aqueous Dissolution Of Borate Glass

99UMR058 Concrete Roughness Measurement Device

00UMR003 Cerium Conversion Dip Coating For Corrosion Protection Of Aluminum Alloys

00UMR011 Corrosion Inhibitor Additives For Cathodic E-Coating Al Alloys

00UMR012 Polystyrene Recycling Utilizing Ester Of Fatty Acids

01UMR029 Biocompatible And Bioactive Borate Glass For In-Vivo Use

02UMR008 Vegetable Oil Derived Beverage Can Coatings

02UMR033 Corrosion Resistant Primer Coatings For The Protection Of Aluminum Alloys

03UMR022 Corrosion Resistant Coatings - Carbon Case

03UMR047 Sealing Of Friction Stir Welded Lap Joints

03UMR050 Chiral Electrodeposition Of An Enantiospecific Catalyst

04UMR023 Glass And Glass-Ceramics For Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Hermetic Seals

04UMR027 Method For Controlled Energy Addition In Storage Water Heating Devices

04UMR033 (Dual Probe) Apparatus And Method For Nondestructive Testing And Evaluation Of Complex Composite Structures Including A Dual Probe

04UMR071 (Orthogonal Mode Waveguide Probe) Apparatus And Method For Nondestructive Testing And Evaluation Of Complex Composite Structures Including An Orthogonal Mode Waveguide Probe

05UMR054 Neural Network Demodulators For Bragg Optical Sensors

05UMR072 Process To Continuously Melt, Refine, And Cast High-Quality Steel

05UMR086 Automatic Detection Of Critical Dermoscopy Features For Malignant Melanoma Diagnosis

06UMR007 An Apparatus for a Testable Scheme for CMOS Domino Logic

06UMR040 RFID Read Rate and Coverage Improvement through reader power control

06UMR052 Pressure-less sintering of silicon Carbide/Zirconium DiBoride composites

06UMR056 Line to Line Injection System for Power Impedance Measurements

06UMR068 Method for Fabricating Ultrahigh Temperature Carbide/Metal Composites by Reaction Sintering

07UMR077 A method of drilling holes to final diameter without the need for rotary component in drilling system

07UMR088 Prediction of Dynamic Current Waveform and Spectrum in a Semiconductor Device

07UMR120 In Planta analysis using solid phase microextraction (SPME) for subsurface contamination delineation

08MST015 Corrosion Protective Coatings for Mixed Metal Automotive Body-in-White Assembly

08MST016 Rotary Scanner for NDI applications

08MST017 An Artificial Neural Network Tool For Network Capacity Modeling

08MST018 Energy Harvesting from Vibrations using Piezoelectric Material via Voltage Compensation in the Syncronized Switch Inductor and Usage of the Tapered Cantilever Beam

08MST019 Nanostructured Dielectric Materials for Fabrication of High Energy Density Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)

08MST020 Standing Wave Vector Analyzer/Networker Analyzer

08MST021 Tsai/GM welding patents

08MST023 Composites with High Dispersion of Covalently Bonded Nanoparticles in Polymer Matricies

08MST029 A method for identifying resonances in electronic systems

08MST035 System and Method for Echo Cancellation

08UMR001-UMC Method of Joining Hydrogels to Porous Materials and its Application to the Formation of Osteochondral Constructs for Human Joint Repair

08UMR003 A method for production of spiral architectures through powder loaded polymer extrusion

08UMR006 Pultradable Soy Based Epoxy Resin

08UMR007 Soybean Resin Based Coatings for food and Beverage Cans

08UMR011 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Camera

09MST001 Bioactive scaffold for Hard/Soft Tissue Repair in Mammals

09MST005 A combined fossil fuel free process of lignocellulosic pretreatment with biological hydrogen production

09MST007 Corrosion-resistant glasses for steel enamels

09MST012 Bioactive glass for hard and soft tissue regeneration

09MST013 P-Scan Cancer detection

09MST023 Bioactive Borate Materials for Use in Mammals

09MST024 A bioactive material for biological applications in mammals

09MST027 Method to produce recrystallized laser deposited materials

09MST031 Material For Controlling Vessel Growth in Mammals

10MST002 Bioactive Wound Care Material for use in Mammals

10MST003 Materials that Promote vascular growth in mammals

10MST019 Fluorinated compound with kinase inhibitor activity

10MST026 A Method for Producing Biocompatible Glasses that React to Form Biologically Useful Materials

10MST034 Method for welding conductive ceramic materials and composites

11MST001 Fast Biclustering Algorithm

11MST007 Polyamide Aerogels

11MST008 Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor with High Energy Storage

12MST002 Method of Aggressive Wound Debridement

12MST007 Microwave and Millimeter Wave 3D Holographical Imaging Device

12MST010 Cerium-based conversion coatings on galvanically active metals

12MST015 Quantum Computing Circuits

12MST039 Free hand scanning and imaging algorithms for microwave and millimeter wave imaging

12MST044 Detection of Super Regenerative Receiver using Amplitude Modulated Stimulating Signal

12MST045 Method and System for Dynamic Stochastic Optimal Power Flow Control for Power Systems with Intermittent Renewable Energy Generation

12MST046 Stimulated Emmision Detection of Super Regenerative Reciever

13MST002 Byproducts of glycerol metabolized by bacterium

13MST003 Capillary Wall Coupled Whispering Gallery Mode Microresonator for Sensing and Lasing Applications

13MST004 Viscous Sealing Glass Compositions for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

13MST007 Efficient Synthesis of nanoporus Vanadium Oxide Networks from Vanadium Halides

13MST014 Tire Inspection using Microwave Imaging Methodologies

13MST016 Drag Reduction Utilizing Driven Microcavities

13MST020 Biodegradable Composite Scaffold for Repairing Defects in Load Bearing Bones

13MST021 From flexible to rigid nanoporous polyurethane-acrylate (PUAC) type materials for structural and thermal insulation applications

13MST025 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Probe for Non-destructive Material Characterization

13MST030 A Comprehensive Smart-Phone App to Detect, Diagnose and Intervene for Psychiatric Disorders

13MST031 Ultra-Lightweight Mutual Authentication Protocol With Substitution Operation

13MST032 Low-cost light-weight organic aerogel materials for high sound transmission loss applications

13MST036 Multifunctional cerium-based oxide nanomaterials and method for their production and use

14MST002 nth layer problem

14MST004 Ambient Dried Low Density Polyurea Aerogels with High Dimensional Stability

14MST007 A method for creating nanoparticles in a biodegrable glass, polymer or composite and delivering them in a controlled manner to a specific target site for medical purposes.

14MST008 Vector Control of Electric Machines and Drives by Using Artificial Neural Networks

14MST014 Power electronic converters with very high dc gain

14MST017 Epoxy Phosphonate Ester Coupling Agent for Transition Metal and Oxide Interfaces

14MST019 SAIL - Synthetic Aperture Imaging Library

14MST020 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Capillary Package

14MST023 Doped Borate Based Bioactive Glass for Nerve Repair

14MST036 Method To Fabricate A Portable Electron Source Based On Nitrogen Incorporated Ultrananocrystalline Diamond

14MST037 Method of Welding SiC

14MST042 Dry Powder Spray Coating for Battery Electrode Manufacturing

15MST003 Nanoporous Polyamides Based on a Ferrocene Back Bone and Conversion to Graphite-Supported Iron at Low Temperatures

15MST004 Energy Storage Capacitor using Ceramic Elements

15MST005 A Multiport DC-DC Power Electronic Converter with High Voltage Gain

15MST008 Fabrication of A Novel Fiber-optic Single-cell pH Sensor

15MST009 A Miniaturized Fiber Inline Thermal Sensor based on Quantum-Dots Embedded Microcavity

15MST010 Device (Benchtop NMR) for Subdividing Magnetic Field and Simultaneous Detection of Magnetic Resonance Signals from Multiple Sample Compartments

15MST019 Methods and Apparatuses for Water, Wastewater, and Waste Treatments

15MST021 Calibration CapPack Devices for Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) NMR Experiments

15MST025 In Situ pH Meter

15MST026 Cyclic Regeneration of Nanostructured Composites for Catalytic Applications

15MST030 Cast austenitic stainless steel casting and method for producing the same

15MST034 An Improved Utilize Numerical Non-negative Least-Squares Approach to High-Resolution NMR Relaxometry

15MST036 Cutter Elements For Drill Bits And Methods For Fabricating Same

15MST037 Polymeric Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery, and Removing Bacterial Toxins

15MST040 Machine Kinematic Error Modeling and Compensation

15MST041 Implementation of dynamic impedance matching network with application to RFID systems

15MST042 Implementation of invisible antenna with application to RFID systems

15MST043 Braze For Ceramic And Ceramic Matrix Composite Components

15UMC002-MST Constrained Prosthetic Acetabulum

16MST001 Nanoporous Polyurea from Isocyanates Reacting with Mineral Acids

16MST003 Method and Appartus for Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing of Metal Parts

16MST004 Improved Apparatus for pteridine-based diagnostics

16MST005 Superelastic and Shape Memory Polyurethane Aerogels

16MST006 Blended Doped Bioactive Glass

16MST007 Low Scattering RFID tags with Maximum Energy Harvesting

16MST008 Antenna Dual Loading for Improving Performance of RFID Systems

16MST009 A LoS-based Ranging and Positioning Method and Error Model of Power-based Positioning Accuracy

16MST010 Multi-mode microtube-electrospray spacecraft propulsion

16MST016 Radioactive Gold nanoparticles - one step method of manufacturing

16MST017 High energy storage density dielectric films

16MST018 Additive Manufacturing of Electronic Components

16MST019 Method for fabricating metal and ceramic components via additive manufacturing via additive manufacturing with uniform layered radiation drying

16MST020 Monolithic Nanoporous Carbon-supported Fe, Au, Pt and Pd Catalysts from Pyrolysis and Transmetalation via Galvanic Replacemnt of Ferrocene-based Polyamide Aerogels

16MST022 A Novel Methodolgy for Fatigue Analysis is Metal Specimens

16MST024 Computer Aided Detection Of Oral Lesions On CT Images

16MST026 Re-assembling Polymer Particle Package for Conformance Control and Fluid Loss Control

16MST027 Boundary-Driven Ultrasonic Lens Cleaner Designs

16MST029 Counterfeit and Aging IC Detection Method Using Microwave and Millimeter Wave Reflectometry

16MST030 Method and System for Constructing Metallic Glass Structures

16MST031 Nanoporous Silicon Carbide and Silicon Nitride

16MST033 Distributed Flow Battery for Transport Systems

16MST034 Inorganic Biodegradable Substrates for Devices

16MST036 Cellular Hichhiking on Microparticles to Heal Wound Injuries

16MST037 Salt Assisted Ultrasonic Degradation of Nanodiamond

16MST038 Improving the Quality and Availability of Medical Diagnostics through Acupuncture-MRI

16MST040 Amine Functionalized 3D Pinted Zeolite Monoliths and their Application on CO2 Capture

16MST041 Application of Amine-based Adsorbents for CO2 Control: Improved Air Quality and Energy Conservation in Commercial Buildings

16MST042 Aminosilane-grafted Zr/Ti/Si Composite Hollow Fiber as Hetergeneous Catalyst and Continuous Flow Reactor

16MST043 Dual Axis Static Load Cell

16MST045 AGE Inhibitors/Breakers

16MST046 Monitoring of Cure State Through the Use of Microwaves

17MST001 Placeholder for Joint Invention S&T PCRMC

17MST002 Solar Powered Chair Lift

17MST003 Near Surface Tunnel Detection Using Phase Shift Analysis of Surfave Values

17MST005 A Fe-C Coated Long-period Fiber Grating Sensor for Corrosion-Induced Mass Loss Measurment