The Process

Filing a Disclosure

Every invention created by a faculty of Missouri S&T or a student of the University engaged in academic work utilizing facilities of the University must be reported to the Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development (TTED). All inventions should be carefully documented in a laboratory notebook. Documentation should include the date of conception, purpose of the invention, and the methodology used in the experimentation. Notebook entries should be dated and signed by the inventor and witnessed by at least one other individual who is familiar with the science but would not be considered a co-inventor. The inventor must complete and submit to our office Invention Disclosure or UM-UW Form 16D "Plant Variety Protection Act Form." Our staff, in conjunction with selected faculty, will review the invention for potential patentability and commercial potential. Because of the great expense associated with patenting, we strive to identify a licensee or research partner for disclosed inventions prior to authorizing the filing of patent applications. However, TTED has been provided with a modest budget that will allow pursuit of a limited number of cases without a licensee. Should the TTED make the decision to conduct a patentability assessment or seek patent protection for an invention, we will act as the liaison with the law firm designated to prepare and prosecute the case. We will also prepare marketing packages and coordinate the technology assessment of the invention, with the inventor's review and participation.

A diagram of the overall process at Missouri S&T can be found here.


Working with Faculty

TTED staff members are available for one-on-one sessions to advise faculty. To make an appointment, contact Keith Strassner at (573) 341-6725 or e-mail us.